Renzo Seravalle is an award winner photographer with a career spanning over 25 years of experience, well versed in Lifestyle, Nature and Commercial photography (Real Estate, Food Products, Building Construction, and Sport Photography at the Miami Marathon), he has won multiple awards from the Florida Camera Club Council and the Ocala Camera Club where he was also the educator of the club.

Renzo has strong family ties and has practice photography in La Toscana, Italy, where some of his art has been published in the book called Il Lupo Fantastico as well as in some scholastic books; the other half of his roots are in Dominican Republic where Renzo is very well known for his work in many different fields besides his photography, he has a background in Mechanical Technology, Electromechanical Engineering and as a Field Engineer. Renzo also created exquisite Interior Designs for an American Italian Hotelier brand. As a plastic artist, his art exhibits in the island featured mediums in glass, metal and wood. Renzo also lived in Miami and Ocala, Florida and is currently living in Hutchinson Island, Florida. He is fluent in Italian, English and Spanish.